We are a well-reputed manufacturer of sustainable Private Label quality garments
What do we produce
Our focus on baby, kids and women’s wear is easily seen on the final product as we have developed our expertise within these product areas for more than 80 years

Circular knitted Jersey qualities in all kinds of variations for babies, toddlers, tweens, teens and women – this is where we have our core competences.

We are a well-reputed manufacturer of high-end sustainable Private Label quality garments, established in 1935.
By having our two fully owned factories in Ukraine, we offer our customers a cooperation of great flexibility. We ensure to deliver a product of high quality and standard, made in Europe, with a strong CSR in mind.

We work closely and extensively with International brands, well-known retail chains and Home shopping/On-line/web shop companies, who doesn’t settle for less and value a close partnership.

As a member of BSCI we have a strong and valid Code of Conduct and have become one of the leading companies within OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS 1 and GOTS garment production.

Merino Wool

The merino is one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep and well known for its exceptional wool properties

Being a specialist in something is also an obligation! We are proud of being a specialist within merino wool garment production. It’s a big part of our heritage as wool was one of our very first fabric qualities to offer our customers, several decades ago.

Merino wool is an outstanding fabric quality being able to regulate the body temperature and have the huge advantage of being anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Its smoothness often makes it a natural choice of those with sensitive skin or who suffers from allergic reactions.

Animal welfare is of greatest importance. We only source merino wool yarn from European spinning factories guaranteeing mulesing-free wool from farmers committed to the Farm Animal Welfare Council “Five Freedoms”.  

Sustainable fabrics

Our range of knitted fabrics varies from all kinds of velour, jerseys, ribs, interlocks, jacquards

All our fabrics are made to last as we only use the most modern technology and high-quality raw materials. 

Among all well-known types of fabric, digitally printed cotton and viscose fabrics are a specialty of ours. We have been pioneers within this field together with our customers, offering high resolution digital prints in beautiful and long-lasting colors, looking fantastic washing after washing.

The longer a piece of clothing maintains its appearance, the less frequently it will need to be replaced or disposed. This explains why high quality also plays an important part in reducing environmental impact.

Expertise and workmanship

We care from development to final delivery at your warehouse

Our head office in Denmark and our two European factories, are equipped with high-tech production facilities and dedicated specialists, only caring for your brand and your products.

With more than 300 employees, pattern making, sampling, automatic cutting, sewing, embroidery, placement printing, transfer making, garment washing, QC and packing takes place by ourselves. This ensures a high degree of uniformity, quality, fit and security of supply.

We offer you our production platform in Europe combined with our outstanding customer care, fabric stock service,
logistics, short lead times and competitive prices.

We add value by providing a full support package for our customers, including activity plans, product development, production, fabric stock service, QC and logistics
Get in touch
You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or requests. Here, you will find contact information for our Headquarter in Ikast, Denmark.