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A responsible company with many years of experience

HRT Textiles

A responsible production partner for ambitious fashion brands looking for full transparency and peace of mind

We help ambitious fashion brands produce sustainable garments without compromising on design, functionality and quality. We primarily produce knitted jersey garments designed for children, women and men. Our prime goal is to protect your brand, from the drawing board to end sales – and we do so with passion, expertise and consideration for people and the environment.

International fashion brands that will make a difference

For decades, HRT TEXTILES has collaborated with international fashion brands designing clothes for babies, children, women and men. Common to them all is a desire to make a difference. To do so, these brands demand that suppliers adhere to the same standards. They choose to work with us because we protect their brand as if it were our own, with a commitment to honesty, expertise and full transparency. We believe this is the only way forward, and it is central to everything we do – from our choice of fabrics to the delivery of your finished styles.

Your styles must always be of consistent high quality. And they must be delivered on time. It’s that simple. As your production partner, we guarantee a tailored solution to fit your business needs – whether you are looking for a full-concept package including everything from choice of materials to delivery or a NOOS collection that minimize overproduction.


We know our entire value chain. Do you?

Fashion is about being passionate and providing your customers with styles they want to wear. But creating responsible and meaningful fashion that lasts takes dedication. How well do you know your value chain?

At HRT TEXTILES, we take responsibility and ensure full transparency throughout our value chain, from the seamstress in our production facilities to the fabrics that become part of your collections. Our commitment to transparency ensures full traceability of the conditions under which your garments are produced.

The people behind

Get peace of mind with a responsible production partner

Sustainability is complex – especially in the fashion industry – and it is a never-ending effort. We can make a real and important difference by acting responsibly. We believe that quality and sustainability are two sides of the same coin, and that producing higher quality, longer lasting clothes is a win-win proposition.

Your brand is in safe hands. But it takes more than mere words to ensure your peace of mind. Both of our European factories are FAIR WEAR- and BSCI-audited, ensuring that the conditions comply with strict demands, as regularly monitored and inspected by independent third parties.

Certification and documentation

Textile production with attitude

We are continuously working to improve our production methods and choice of materials to meet you and your customers’ demands for an ambitious fashion brand. We have our own production facilities in the Ukraine, which enables us to control every aspect of the process in making your garments – and which means full transparency for you and your customers.

Let’s talk

We protect your brand

HRT TEXTILES is a Danish owned production partner specializing in the production of high-quality OEKO-TEX and GOTS-audited garments, primarily made of knitted jersey fabrics, for baby, children and adult brands. We operate two FAIR WEAR- and BSCI-certified factories in western Ukraine that employ more than 300 skilled employees. Our door is always open – and you are very welcome to visit us in Denmark and the Ukraine.

Room for individuality

We are a unique people company, taking care of each other. All our colleagues must feel included, valued and free to be themselves at work. We embrace everyone and strive to prevent discrimination regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability status, nationality, or any other aspect which makes each and every one unique.

"We are GOTS certified, REACH compliant & OEKO-TEX Class I certified"
HRT Textiles A/S
"We are GOTS certified, REACH compliant & OEKO-TEX Class I certified"
HRT Textiles A/S